World championship-logo 2006
Experts and football fans agree

On 15th of March 2003 the Eleven Designer have presented their alternative logos at the University of Art in Berlin. The event has been highly frequented, media responded with diversified reporting and several thousand people interested in football and design have taken part at the voting of »Süddeutsche Zeitung« and »Bunte«. Also the design magazine »page« formed its professional opinion. In all of these three cases the design of achieved the largest acceptance. »It would have been too great« the »SZ-Magazin« apostrophized the dynamic symbols of Hesse Design. »New, exciting and unmistakable – a graphic language for its own which would be imitated even by kids enthusiastically « »page« honoured the splotch pictograms of Hesse Design Düsseldorf (Music Sven Gabriel). 

2006 Football World Cup Germany Hesse Design