Das Büromöbelprogramm von Schemmrich

The High Tech Warehouse

Wandleuchte »Amen«

Tisch »Tepui«

Schubladenschranke »Numerator«/Rollbare Raumteiler »Poster wall«

Tisch »Steerage deck«/Regalschrank »Multistory«

Rollschrank »One-two-three-four«

Faltbarer Papierkorb »Papperlapapp«

Furniture from the heart

The desk is the replacement of the altar. Once upon a time you have sacrificed a rabbit on it, nowadays you sacrifice yourself. In 1991 the entrepreneur Karl-Ludwig Schemmrich from Remscheid decided to expand and to offer office furniture. Some years ago Hesse Design has redesigned already the industrial program of Schemmrich. Office furniture has been developed where natural material such as steel, wood and glas has been used. The concept has also been to make all the furniture being able to roll away. Apart from that Hesse has developed the corporate design and advertising for »The HighTech Warehouse« of Schemmrich.