Posters for the lectures and workshops of book designers Lu Jingren and Lu Min from Beijing. By Klaus Hesse ©2012

Lu Jingren and Lu Min are book designers and illustrators. Lu Jingren is professor at Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University, member of Alliance Graphigue Internationale [AGI], deputy director of Book Binding Art Committee at The Publishers Association of China, Member of Illustration and Binding Art Committee at Chinese Artists Association, chief director of Jingren design studio. Lu Jingren is dedicated to the field of book design and teaches editorial design, infographic, book illustration, etc, at Tsinghua University. Books he designed have won many international awards. (2009 The Chinese Memory -Tresures of 5000-years Civilization, Winner of Appreciate Honnor, The Best Designed Book From The World ). Jingren Art and Design aims at a comprehensive visual effect-breaking the tenet of “decorating the cover only”, and instead embodying the concept of creative design, in-depth grasp of whole visual information and the five-sense reading experience. His work strives for a balance between intellectualism, tradition, and modern visual expression, to achieve “oriental style without drawing directly from the past”.